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Fractional Reserve Banking: Creating Money Out of Thin Air (mirror)

Jones deposits $1,000 at bank A. With a 0.1 reserve ratio, bank A can lend out $900 of that deposit and keep $100 on hand as reserves. Let us say they lend out… Continue reading

Robin Hood Tax: Occupy Movement now marching straight off the globalist cliff « 21st Century Wire

It was inevitable that a movement which has struggled to agree on a manifesto, would in the end, do the bidding of the very elite globalist powers that they are demonstrating against to… Continue reading

Occupy Toronto – Occupied Economies: Designing Solutions to Global Problems

David Miller is employed by the World Bank as an advisor.  Why is Occupy Toronto getting involved with one of the most corrupt banking systems in the world?   Furthermore, why is it being… Continue reading

Occupy’s ‘nerve center’ staffed by Soros activists

The so-called leaderless Occupy movement has just been caught red-handed operating what appears to be a nerve center staffed by professional agitators deeply tied to groups funded by billionaire activist George Soros. The… Continue reading

The Occupy Movement in Danger From Within

Tavistock Institute “social engineers” or “new-science social scientists” who specialise in sophisticated mind control techniques, including group dynamics, are working as facilitators within Occupy groups worldwide.   Tonight I came across something that… Continue reading

Interesting Analysis – Darren Deojee on the Occupy protests

“Do you think there’s a lot of infiltration there?” “I do.  I think it’s riddled because they’re so open.  I think it’s riddled with infiltration from top to bottom.”

Facilitator meeting busted up at Occupy Toronto

This was something I was personally involved with.  I had gone to the facilitation meeting on the Wednesday previous to this and was witness to some shady behaviour.  When I first walked in… Continue reading

Occupy Toronto – Michael Goodbaum Today we talk to Michael Goodbaum of about the influence of the organizers on Occupy Toronto and its activities. We discuss the OTPOR training of the facilitators and how dissenting voices… Continue reading

The Revolution Business – World Democratic change has been demanded across the Middle East. But was what seems like a spontaneous revolution actually a strategically planned event, fabricated by ‘revolution consultants’ long in advance? Revolution consultants are… Continue reading

IS IT A SET-UP? Make your OWN mind up!

By Debbie חַי Sea-Kay There is a new govt body in the UK that analyses behaviour; the ‘Behavioural Insights Team’. We have essentially been profiled and are very predictable. That is the weakest… Continue reading

Who is behind the control of the Occupy Toronto Movement?

By:  Lawrence McCurry November 20, 2011 Modern brain washing methods were established thousands of years ago by the Roman army. It is the basis for modern day religious cults and armed forces (boot… Continue reading

Doms trial, Mark the poet and the Democracy Village shills

by Rob Fry on Friday, 30 December 2011 at 18:53 As word went flying around the internet of the trial of “Commonly Known As Dom”, obviously the immediate reaction to us protesters and… Continue reading

Orwell Rolls in his Grave (Full 3HR Documentary)