Activist Post: Combating the Delphi Technique and Occupy Infiltration

When Occupy Wall Street first began, it was a force to be reckoned with. Facing the daunting task of challenging the system and coordinating action, the movement also had to contend with the pathetic corporate-controlled media which did its very best to turn a blind eye to what was happening on Wall Street.

Nevertheless, days turned to weeks before the mainstream media even mentioned the intense level of protests occurring all across the country and, even then, the coverage was sparse. However, they were eventually forced to acknowledge the level of discontent with the direction of the country that was being felt by a wide variety of Americans; most significantly, those who considered themselves liberals (real or otherwise). Finally, these individuals were no longer content to sit back and worship Obama while their own standards of living were being drastically reduced and the fabric of the country tragically coming undone.

As is to be expected, the police responded in their typical manner of brutality and thuggery. Yet the protestors refused to yield. As a result, Wall Street itself began to gradually pay more attention to the “little people” in the street. Soon, even smaller cities all across the country and in almost every state had their own group of anti-Wall Street, anti-authoritarian, Occupy protestors gathering around government buildings or banking institutions.

Yet, in what seems to be a repeat of what happened to the Tea Party movement, it was only a matter of weeks before Occupy Wall Street was being morphed into what amounted to a political action committee representing the Democratic Party, an obvious servant of the Wall Street finance oligarchs that Occupy had once so fervently opposed.

Obviously, not all Occupy groups have been completely co-opted by agents of Wall Street, political parties, or Foundation-funded operatives. To these groups, we must say congratulations and offer legitimate support where we can. Likewise for the Tea Party.

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