Facilitator meeting busted up at Occupy Toronto

This was something I was personally involved with.  I had gone to the facilitation meeting on the Wednesday previous to this and was witness to some shady behaviour.  When I first walked in Sarah Rotz gave me the dirtiest look and made it very obvious she didn’t want me there.  It was not a welcoming group, they didn’t open up and invite me in.  I had to sit on the outside.  It was obvious to me that this was an exclusive  clique.

The following Sunday was the next meeting so I rounded up some friends to crash the meeting and start asking questions.  Unfortuntely, some of the leaders of the movement were either not there this time (I’m looking at you, Kevin Konnyu and Sarah Rotz) OR left because we were invading their “safe space” and they couldn’t continue with the meeting because we were disruptive.  I’m the woman’s voice in the background recording the event.