Finding and documenting the Truth.

I’ve always been an analytical person, particularly when it comes to politics or interpersonal relationships.   I need to know why things happen.  As soon as something doesn’t make sense to me, even if it’s the smallest thing, I get triggered and start following up on it.  Sometimes it takes me a quite awhile to get an answer, especially in interpersonal relationships.  Getting information out of people face to face takes much, much longer. When people have ulterior motives it can be difficult to read them.  However, over time, the motive eventually is given away through erratic and unusual behaviour, body language or lies that they can’t remember.

Simone de Beauvoir

Sometimes I can find the answers rather quickly.  This happens when I read between the lines when I see a news article that doesn’t add up.  I will pour through books, links, alternative, as well as mainstream media, for hours on end.   In some ways it’s an obsession, but an incredibly satisfying one when I finally go “AH HA!” and realise why an organisation’s conduct is being championed.

That’s what this blog is about. Finding and documenting the truth.

I’ve been verbose about politics in many of my social media outlets.  Much to the dismay of the people around me that would rather not hear what I have to say.  Finding the truth is something I am incredibly passionate about.  Letting people know the truth is equally as important to me.  It’s dangerous to live a life being naive to the goings on around you.  The more naive a person (or group of people) are, the more our freedoms are lost.  The more laws that are made, the more corrupt our government. This will affect our generation, our children’s generation and so on.  This is not something that I can stand by and watch.

In some ways this is my way of coping as I watch our civil liberties being chipped away.  An outlet for the sheer panic I feel on almost a daily basis.  I’ve been verbally telling people my thoughts for quite sometime.  I’m hoping to reach a wider audience with this blog, and perhaps be one small portion towards the awareness of my fellow human beings.

With peace in mind,